Happy Birthday, Domi

Today is my big sister’s birthday! Today she is an old lady 👵🏾. Today I wish her the happiest birthday ever. 

To you my darling big sister, I wish you nothing but joy and peace and the best life ever. I want you to know that I love you and I appreciate you more than you can ever know. Thank you for being the kind, generous, loving and truly awesome person that you are. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. I pray for you to have long life, success in everything that you do and I hope all of your wishes come true. 

You’re old as dirt now, so don’t turn up too loud! 


Here’s to Getting Older… -__-

My birthday is in a little less than an hour. I don’t know if I am excited or not. I doubt it. I usually look forward to my birthday, but this year I didn’t even look to see which day of the week it fell. I am over the whole “getting older” thing. I think I have had enough… It sucks even more because Pretty Boy is at work and he’ll spend most of the day at work so its that less special…

Anyway, I am expecting phone calls, emails, FB wall messages, text messages, whatever! The celebration will be on Friday.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday Kaelan!

I never thought that I would be a mother at 13. But that’s pretty much what happened. All of a sudden I had all kinda responsibility for this colicky, temper tantrum throwing, bow legged, hard headed little boy, who looked exactly like my baby pictures.

I remember walking around trying to calm him down as he would scream almost nonstop through the night- a school night I might add. Not falling asleep until he had tired himself out.

Oh and he was so stubborn! He’d kick and scream for hours sometimes if he didn’t get his way! And talk about FAT! He was weighing 20lbs by the time he was three months old!

Even though he may not have been an easy baby, he is certainly growing up to be the most brilliant and articulate kid that I know. And can we say handsome! :-)?

Well today is the birthday of my first and only (fingers crossed) child. So I want to wish him a very happy birthday and I can’t wait for you to get old enough so that I can tell your girlfriends many embarrassing stories from when you were little! I’ll ever love you darling, more than you can ever know! I hope you had an awesome day!