Well, That’s Awkward

This morning, I got up and as I was heading to the bathroom, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I’m like “hey girl, you looking a little skinty today. Them squats must be working.”

I’m there in the mirror, checking out myself at angles, looking to see if my booty grew as much as my waist shrunk. I grab my phone, took a pic on my Snapchat (with filters of course cause like, its first thing in the morning) and I send a little teaser over to Pretty Boy.

He replies, I giggle. Life goes on.

Then I get a snap message from my girl Tammy. “You sending accidental nudes?” I’m here confused like, “Tf Tammy talking abo..?”

Realization dawns. Holy. Shit.

I check my Snapchat and see that my cute little peek show had been sent to a few people on my snap. And there is no recall button.

Including my nephew.

“HOLY SHIT!” I’m messaging everyone like “OH MY GOD, I’M SO SORRY!” I’m deadass laughing hysterically at this point cause option two was gonna be tears.

I message my sister frantically.

Just my luck, she sees my messages literally the same time my nephew is freaking out over my snaps.

I’m caught somewhere between panic, mortification and pure amusement. Then my friend Luke calls, “Ummmmmm…” Now there is this whole awkward conversation about how those really weren’t meant for you. And no, I’m actually not coming on to you, and yes, I really should get back into the gym.

Anyways, long story short, be careful before you hit “send” on Snapchat or one day, you too, may be the topic of your nephew’s therapy session and the punchline of your WhatsApp chat with your girls.


Is This Thing Working??

I found this post a day challenge to be incredibly difficult and uninteresting. I have found it tough to write about experiences that I wasn’t having. Looking for inspiration when I’m uninspired. Looking for the excitement when I’m boring.

I wrote nearly everyday so far but I don’t know if it has been a success. It did not do what I had intended. I look around and find it impossible to glean anything interesting from my everyday life. What do you discuss when you’re stuck in a rut of home—work, rinse, repeat?

Sigh. This shit is for the birds. I’m over it.

The Little Things

Have you ever had those moments when things are going good in your life and with your people? No strife, no arguments, no drama, no bad vibes, and then, something pops into your head. You know there is a certain conversation that needs to be had, but you hold off, cause, ya know, good vibes.

Sometimes you hold back because you don’t want to spoil the vibe or sour the mood. YOU don’t wanna spoil the party. So days and weeks and even months go by, and you say nothing. And you’re good and the vibe is good and life is good.

Or so it seems…

But this…thing is weighing more heavily on your mind the longer you wait. And you look for the “right” time. Maybe when the vibe is a bit off, to bring up this thing that has now been on your mind for months.

Now it is old news. This thing that would have been only a small thing had you mentioned it earlier turns into this big thing cause it’s months later. Your baby thing has grown into a monster thing and the vibe now is all wrong. The good vibes have totally gone and you blame yourself for bringing the thing up in the first place.

You vow to never do this again. You grit your teeth and set ya jaw and vow to leave little things alone. Preserve the vibe. Keep these lil things to yourself.

Until next time, with the next little thing.

Yeah. Stop that shit.

Holy Crap, is that a Mosquito?

Coming from sub tropical countries, I am NO stranger to mosquitoes. Even mosquitoes that carry various exotic sounding diseases like Chikungunya (I had to Google the spelling). But let me tell y’all about these big ass birds they have out here in Wild Rose country!

These mosquitoes are LARGE! They are so big you can pick them up on camera. I took a picture last week when I went farming and sure enough you could see this giant ass mosquito who found the little strip of belly skin to feast on. They are also hella aggressive, like these buggers legit have you wanting to square up. Like Shiela and her six homies who are swarming around my head are about to get these hands.

The other day I stopped to take a picture of this gorgeous sunset and I made the mistake of hopping out of the car to get that perfect shot. BRUUUUUUHHHHHHH! I was not able to stand still! In few seconds they had all smelled fresh blood and had descended on my poor unprotected face and ankles en masse. Then the ambitious ones done even bother to get a piece of bare skin, they just bite you through your clothing. And I don’t know exactly how gusty the wind has to be to deter them, but they must be super mosquitoes, they are out here braving 20 mph wind just to eat you.

I was told that the swarms of mosquitoes get so large that they can blacken the horizon. Chile, please, let me go back to by Turks and Caicos with our small, polite mosquitoes who don’t believe in this gang violence. 

The Cabin by the Lake

I had an amazing day today. I went to a cabin at Capt. Ayre Lake and it was a blast. I went with my sister and nephews and later we were joined by Wendi and Landyn. I couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable day. First we went to the park near the cabin. There was this little merry-go-round in the middle and of course we had to give it a spin. I hadn’t been on a merry-go-round since childhood. Let me tell you how I don’t recommend spinning around when you’ve recently had a few beers! However, I did manage to keep them down (pats self on the back).

This was quite scary

Later, we went to the lake and I didn’t go swimming but I DID get my feet wet, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there was something akin to sand on the bottom and
not mud. Listen, It was FREEZING. I’m not even wading out in that water. It literally felt like an ice bath. I dunno, I personally think going into the lake to my ankles meets the requirements of swimming in a fresh body of water. Don’t debate me on this.

Cant. Ayre Lake
See? I went swimming
They are sitting in an area Wendy referred to as “the beach”…
I had another first today, a wiener roast. Now I don’t eat wieners but I did help start the fire. I know how the cave men must have felt when they discovered fire for the first time. It’s exhilarating. I had my first s’more. Well a modified version with chocolate digestives, but same same. It had the same effect.


I have made fire!

Roasting marshmallows for s’mores
It was an amazing day, with amazing people.

Poor burnt weiner.

A Change of Pace 

So the other day, on a whim, I bought a ticket to Canada. I’d been having a bit of a tough time with life and I desperately needed a break and a change of scenery. I’m writing this sitting in my sister’s kitchen, with nothing solved yet feeling more at peace. 

Travel is so cathartic for me. When watching the ocean is no longer a strong enough prescription for my blues, travel is definitely just what the doctor ordered. 

In the coming days, I’ll blog more about my trip to a tiny town in Alberta, Canada. This place where I am gonna spend a few weeks hopefully centering myself.