Walk It Like You Talk It

This weekend I participated in the annual Cancer Walk that is held by the Cancer Society of Turks and Caicos. It is an event made to honor those who have fought, are fighting or who have lost their fights with cancer.

The event had a pretty solid turnout with various corporate groups and civic clubs turning out to show their support. Companies such as Grace Bay Club, West Bay Club, Digicel, NW Hamilton and Gilley’s Enterprises turned out in numbers.

The most heartwarming part of the evening was witnessing groups who turned out to support those who were currently fighting cancer. Team Dede, Team Darnell and Team Michelle along with a few others represented proudly.

While I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have cancer or to be faced that closely with your own mortality, I have been on the other end of it. To know the diagnosis of someone you love and to face the possibility of losing them. To pray and hope and cry that they will get better. And for some, they do get better. But for others…

My heart goes out to anyone who has been touched by cancer. To team Michelle, Team Darnell, Team Deedee my heart goes out to you.


Is This Thing Working??

I found this post a day challenge to be incredibly difficult and uninteresting. I have found it tough to write about experiences that I wasn’t having. Looking for inspiration when I’m uninspired. Looking for the excitement when I’m boring.

I wrote nearly everyday so far but I don’t know if it has been a success. It did not do what I had intended. I look around and find it impossible to glean anything interesting from my everyday life. What do you discuss when you’re stuck in a rut of home—work, rinse, repeat?

Sigh. This shit is for the birds. I’m over it.

“Why Are You Here?”

One of the hassles of not having a car while living in Turks and Caicos is definitely the need to take “”public transportation”. For the non locals, public trans consists of standing on the side of the road and waiting for a person in a nondescript car (jitney) to honk at you. Please pay attention to the sound of the horn, it is usually done in two short bursts “kink kink”. You then indicate for them to stop and you tell them where you need to go. Now, the driver of the jitney is typically a Haitian male who speaks just enough English to ensure that I did indeed say “Gwace Bay Clob”.

Earlier this week, I would say Tuesday, I got a bit of a late start for my 10:00am shift. I left my apartment with 10 minutes to spare and I was praying for a jitney to come so that I could make it KINDA on time. Now, I only live about 7 minutes from work so the odds were in my favor. Welllll, there was nothing shaking. I ended up waiting 20 mins for a ride and I got to work pretty damn late. Being the responsible employee that I am, I told knew I had to get my life in order.

So I made the vow to snooze my clock only three times instead of four, to get my uniform sorted the night before, to make sure that I had started my makeup by 9 so that I could be out by 9:30. So yesterday this plan went off without a hitch, and I got to work about 10 mins early, had time to skylark lil bit before work.

This morning, same plan. Get up after only three snoozes, get ready, make sure my makeup done by half past, get out, be on the road with time to spare. Somehow I ended up leaving my apartment at a quarter past. So as I am adjusting my wig and slipping into my shoes I am cussing myself for being late AGAIN this week. I mean, evaluations coming up, I ga need some good reviews. Good news, jitney comes within 2 minutes. Ya girl is golden.

I get to work, I clock in with two minutes to spare and I speed-walk  to my office. As I am going up the stairs, my coworker sees me and asks, “Why are you here ?” I am confused as all hell, I mean, I done almost late and rushing into the office, I really don’t have time to figure what she’s talking about. I get into the office and everyone is looking at me weird, “Girl, why you here?”

Confusion ensues. Then someone drops the bomb, “Its only 9:00, in you ‘posed to be working fa 10?” Realization dawns. I think about that extra hour of sleep that was due to me. Sleep that I worked for and denied myself.

So now I is the conch and working free overtime.



What I’m Working On…

I had a few photo shoots over the weekend.

One thing that there is a definite lack of in photography sites in Turks and Caicos is greenery. In this landscape there aren’t many trees to choose from since the make up of the fauna tends to lean on the short, sparse side. So for these shoots I did my best to incorporate a bit of the natural shrubbery (although I did ultimately dull most of the color).

Here are a few shots from Peyton’s 3rd Birthday session.


And here are a few more shots from The Malcolms’ Mother’s Day session.


For these shots I also wanted to showcase the beauty that is the natural hair and black girl magic brewing in these little ladies.

That Time I Went to Spain: Park Guell

Park Guell is another attraction by Antonin Gaudi. When searching for things to do, this one came highly recommended. There are two sections, one that you can see for free, and then an inner park that we paid 7,50€ to access. I think it was originally meant to be a housing development for the rich Catalonians but it was ultimately unsuccessful.

Unfortunately, we went there on a cold, rainy day and spent a fair amount of time tucked away from the elements. It rained almost as soon as we stepped out of the cab and after waiting around so long and dodging puddles we decided to leave. I’m sure the place is beautiful if only we could have toured it as much as we would have wanted.

Inside the Park there is a restaurant and we spent a majority of our time sitting and eating. I have honestly never been on a vacation where food was the central focus of the trip. But this time, no matter where we ended up, we also ended up sitting and eating for hour.

The food and the company made this trip pretty spectacular.

Pose For The Camera Now… Click!

Lately I’ve been slowly getting back into photography. I’m getting my equipment together, throwing my portfolio back together. I’m also trying to create a bit of a buzz and find my niche.

This weekend I did have the honor of shooting three generations of beautiful Malcolm women right in time for Mother’s Day. Little Rain did give us quite a workout during this shoot, but I really loved this shot of the three of them.

To You…

Dear Mama,

Happy Mother’s Day!

I know that I don’t say this enough but I love you, I really do. I appreciate you so much for your tough love, for your no nonsense attitude for the structure and foundation that you have set for me.

I know it wasn’t easy raising four children mostly on your own, but look at what God has done! How great (most of) your children are. Domi, is a bit off, but look at the rest of us!

When I think about the sacrifices that you had to make to keep a roof over our heads, clothes on our bottoms and to keep us fed. Even growing up where we did, to have instilled the values in us to make good and wise choices. It is simply amazing! I know I wasn’t and still am not the easiest to deal with, and I try you at times. I just want to thank you so much for being a great mom!