Happy Birthday, Domi

Today is my big sister’s birthday! Today she is an old lady 👵🏾. Today I wish her the happiest birthday ever. 

To you my darling big sister, I wish you nothing but joy and peace and the best life ever. I want you to know that I love you and I appreciate you more than you can ever know. Thank you for being the kind, generous, loving and truly awesome person that you are. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. I pray for you to have long life, success in everything that you do and I hope all of your wishes come true. 

You’re old as dirt now, so don’t turn up too loud! 


Rock On! 🤘🏾

This Saturday I went to my first rock concert. It. Was. EPIC! I am not a fan of rock, not really. I would listen to whatever is on the radio but I’ve never been a rock fan. However, after that concert I can truly appreciate the musicality and theatrics of it all. 

There were three rock bands performing Tesla, Poison and Def Leppard. I’d never heard of Tesla before, but they were pretty great. The vocals of the lead singer were on point. He had an awesome, raspy voice and he wore weird leather, snake skin-esque pants. 

The McGillicudy
To be honest, I’ve never REALLY heard of Poison either, prolly in an episode of VH1’s I love the 80’s. But I do know Brett Michaels, from Vh1’s Rock of Love. Poison was Kevin’s favorite band in the lineup. It was totally hilarious to see him in his button down and loafers totally rockin’ out to their music. Their guitar and drum solos were phenomenal. Like, even knowing none of the songs I still really enjoyed their performances. I even got their tour T-shirt. My very first one ever. 

Poison, Live and direct

Def Leppard was the headlining band. Cool fact, their drummer lost his arm in a car accident and now he has a special, customized drum set that he plays with his remaining arm and foot pedals. Another fun fact, One of their guitarists, Phil Collen, was so hot. He had such a great body, especially when I saw that he was 59(totally googled that in the middle of the concert). I’m literally thinking of mailing him a pair of my panties. I think I was supposed to throw it on stage, I heard that was the wave in rock back in the day. But my mean sister Domi wouldn’t let me. She is such a killjoy. Anyways, if anyone sees my love Mr. Collen, tell him I said hey. 😍 

My new love, Phil Collen

See Ya Later Provost

Today I began my trek to home. Currently in Edmonton to do some shopping before I officially leave at 1am Saturday morning. It’s been a real pleasure. My nephew Devraj got teary eyed today when he found out I was leaving today and not tomorrow. 

He’s trying to get me to come back next week leave it up to him.  He said “Maybe your flight will get cancelled for a year and then you will have to come back.” That really did warm my heart. Kaelan made suggestions for me to come back for his birthday in December lol. I love them so much. They are truly the babies I’ll never have. 

 I will miss them dearly. Kimmie, maybe not so much 😑. So until next time Provost, it’s been a blast. 

The End

So today marks the end of May, and the end of my goal to blog everyday within May. I can tell you all sometimes I really had no motivation to write nor any inspiration to write about. Yet even on my dark days, and my most uninspired posts I still put forth the effort. For that I am proud. I will not say I will blog that much moving forward. However, I will bask in the fact that I actually set out to do this and I stuck it out. Thank you to all of you who read, liked or commented on my blog in the past month. It was really appreciated and I mean that from the bottom of my battered heart. 
Ajay signing out! 
I MAY be back tomorrow. I MAY not. (Get it? 😂😂😂 *slaps knee*) 

Who Would Have Thought?

With this being my last week here (for real this time), I’m taking a moment to reflect on my vacation. 

Since I got here it’s been a whirlwind of long drives along country roads bordered with farm land. Catching glimpses of deer and rabbits and keeping eyes out for moose or Antelope (had no idea there were antelope in Canada). From going on a gopher hunt to playing with calves, it’s been all good. I’ve seen things, and learned things and met people and honestly, I’ve had a blast. 

I did not expect to have such a great time; I’m not a big fan of dirt and bugs and trust me, I got plenty of both out here. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Holy Crap, is that a Mosquito?

Coming from sub tropical countries, I am NO stranger to mosquitoes. Even mosquitoes that carry various exotic sounding diseases like Chikungunya (I had to Google the spelling). But let me tell y’all about these big ass birds they have out here in Wild Rose country!

These mosquitoes are LARGE! They are so big you can pick them up on camera. I took a picture last week when I went farming and sure enough you could see this giant ass mosquito who found the little strip of belly skin to feast on. They are also hella aggressive, like these buggers legit have you wanting to square up. Like Shiela and her six homies who are swarming around my head are about to get these hands.

The other day I stopped to take a picture of this gorgeous sunset and I made the mistake of hopping out of the car to get that perfect shot. BRUUUUUUHHHHHHH! I was not able to stand still! In few seconds they had all smelled fresh blood and had descended on my poor unprotected face and ankles en masse. Then the ambitious ones done even bother to get a piece of bare skin, they just bite you through your clothing. And I don’t know exactly how gusty the wind has to be to deter them, but they must be super mosquitoes, they are out here braving 20 mph wind just to eat you.

I was told that the swarms of mosquitoes get so large that they can blacken the horizon. Chile, please, let me go back to by Turks and Caicos with our small, polite mosquitoes who don’t believe in this gang violence. 

“Can I Take a Break?”

This weekend, I was forced against my will to the cabin by the lake to paint said cabin. So for nearly 36 internet-less hours I was forced to cover little wall imperfections with something that was prolly stucco, (not sure what stucco is, but not gonna Google it either) sand down, clean off and paint walls. I’m no painter, and in fact the last thing I painted was an accent wall at my old place about 5 years ago.

So Dictator Wendi took over Day one where there was barely time for food (however I did drink copious amounts of Bud Light that apparently have no alcohol in em). She gave us about 35 minutes for “supper” then she made me and Domi get right back into it. I was allowed around 11pm to join the campfire and make some S’mores. Sigh, I think of the potential for fun this weekend that totally was wasted on work. 

Day two was Dictator Domi who didn’t let Wendi and I go to lunch. Idk what’s up with these people and refusing to let me eat. After breakfast I was allowed wine and potato chips. We were finally rescued by Kaelan and the boys who went to get us some food. Good bless their hearts.

A word of advice, wine is much better than beer for a painting beverage of choice. Well better than Bud Lights anyways.