New Beginnings…

So, my life has changed most drastically in the past week. Hurricane Matthew came through and took with him a portion of my roof. Not to mention the electricity and the water. Then a few days later, I got into a car accident which totally wrote the car off. 

So now, I’ve had to temporarily drop out of school in my final year (should have been for real this time) and I’ve pretty much been forced to relocate to Turks and Caicos to live with my family here. 

I must admit that in my plans for this year, I did not foresee this happening. My plans were laid out clearly. Goals were established, life was going according to the set path, and then it all fell apart. In the matter of months it seems like I’ve lost everything. 

So, I’ve already cried and mourned my lost life but, I’ve decided to look at this all positively. One of the things I love most about travel is the newness of places. Discovering yourself in a different place, leaving my comfort zone. It’s about growth, growing up, growing out. 

So these many curve balls life has thrown me is gonna be like a journey. A journey to Ajay. Learning my strength under duress. A journey to becoming self reliant to being independent. I don’t know what will happen next and honestly, for the moment that is fine with me. My plans were not God’s plans, so now I’ll trust him to lead me along the path that he set forth for me. Where ever he leads me, I’ll follow and trust that it will all work out the way it should. 

The most gorgeous sunset after Hurricane Matthew. This is a reminder to me that there will be a beautiful calm after the storm.

Hey there

Not sure exactly what motivated me to be here right now, but here I am. There’s a lot going on in my life right now. Chief among them that I am attempting to get a 4.0 this semester. But I am also currently watching Netflix episodes of The Good Wife instead of studying for a Tax exam. 

Therein lies the conundrum. How do I keep up with The Good Wife and simultaneously get these grades?  Woe is me. I don’t know how I will go on. 

Lol obviously I’m stalling. Why else would I be here? Anyways. Off to studying. Be great people! 

My Awesome Nail Art…

So I am going TOTALLY ape shit for nail art. I have found awesome tutorials on YouTube to get me started… I have basic, rudimentary tools (aka a toothpick) so I can’t do many of the more elaborate designs just yet. Living in the Bahamas does not make these tools the easiet to find either, so me and my toothpick will be quite close til I can find a decent beauty supply shop and get this all together….

Here are some of my designs… Well not really MY designs, but designs that I have tried…

In Honour Of World AIDS Day Dec 1 2008

A special message to all of my strong, black women under 25:

Ladies its like we’re being targeted, like we’re being threatened with
eradication. Every year we remain the largest group that is affected by
HIV/AIDS… Getting it from these same nasty ass men that we are
fighting over…

Think you can’t live without sex? Get a sex toy and back up batteries!
Coochie cobwebs much better than 15 mins (if you lucky) of so-so sex,
that leads to a lifetime of stigma and discrimination…

This ain like back in our grandmother’s day when dudes cheated and
outside kids and some shame was all a woman had to live with… Now
cheating killing us… LITERALLY…

Women in our age group, that look like us, wives, students,
professionals coming up, all getting HIV. Its not always because they
are promiscuous, its cause they know their men are sleeping around and
they are too ashamed or afraid to kick his ass to the curb or INSIST
dude wears a condom the WHOLE time, EVERY time…

Stats show that a majority of men that are living with HIV/AIDS
contracted it from ANOTHER MALE. Guys if ya want be gay, do you, and
him, don’t mess with me… Black men are responsible for killing black
women, all because they want be "straight" and sleeping with other
dudes… Reality check pimpin YOU GAY!!

Ladies! Be careful, don’t be a statistic, love does not prevent the transmission of STDs! Get tested…

If ya man is a hoe, and this is something that you know, WRAP IT UP!!
If you know he tryna be a lover, but he is a boongy bandit undercover

Keep safe guys!!

The Wedding!

Soooo My sister got married on Saturday… Even though I tried to talk her out if it…. I was the only one crying at the wedding… Well almost crying… (Thugz dn’t cry).
I am happy for her if she is happy!! CONGRATZ DOMMIE!! U GA YA DADDY LAST NAME NOW!!! LONE JOKES!!!

The missionary is the most commonly adopted lovemaking position, because it is so comfortable, but there are many different ways of enjoying each other’s bodies, and each of the positions illustrated on the next pages may suggest another into which you can move.
Greater intimacy is offered by some positions’ with all-over body contact and the opportunity to embrace and kiss, others offer deeper penetration, some are quite difficult to maintain, which creates a certain sense of urgency and excitement.
Adventurous lovers will find variations of their own, either by design or by chance: you may get overtaken by lust half way up the stairs or while talking in the kitchen. The important thing is to engage all your instincts and feelings, while remaining acutely aware of your partner’s responses.


With the man lying on his back on the bed, the woman can
sit astride him and control the pace of their lovemaking.
Facing him, she may squat on her haunches for a more
powerful bouncing movement, or, as here, kneel,
supporting herself with her hands. This way, she is free to
lean forward and kiss his mouth. From this position it is
easy for her to increase the intimacy by lying with her whole
body along his. A variation is for her to face away from him,
increasing the depth of penetration.


Deep penetration can be achieved with the woman on all
fours and her partner kneeling behind her. This position
gives both lovers the opportunity to thrust against one
another, and the man may also caress his partner’s breasts,
buttocks and clitoris. Rear entry positions like this one are
ideal when both partners are in the mood for vigorous rather
than tender lovemaking. A variation is for both partners to
stand with the woman bending forward and
supporting herself
In this cozy position, which can follow cunnilingus, the
woman sits comfortably in an armchair with her hands
and legs around the man, who enters kneeling in front of
her. If she leans back, he can support himself with his hands
on the back of the chair, which will allow him more thrust.


For this position you need to try out all your furniture to
find a piece of the correct height. The
woman lies on the edge of a table, futon or bed covered with quilts and pillows,
and spreads her legs wide. The man can begin by kneeling
to give her cunnilingus, then he enters her, supporting himself
on his knees and holding her legs.


This is a position that may suggest itself while cuddling on the sofa. The man sits with the woman straddling his lap,
facing him. She controls the pace, they can
kiss and he can caress her breasts. She moves up and down on him,
supporting herself with her knees on the sofa, and her
arms around his neck. If they use a dining chair, she can
keep her feet on the floor and hold on to the chair back for
support if necessary. If she faces away from him, they will
be able to achieve deeper penetration, and she could
support herself against furniture in front of her.




This position, with the lovers
lying side by side and facing
one another, is easy to slip
into after mutual masturbation,
and can be a prelude
to rolling over with either
partner on top. Here, the woman
has her leg wrapped round her
 partner’s body
to facilitate deeper penetration:
she pulls him towards her
with her leg as he thrusts. The partners can kiss
and touch each other’s genitals while making
love in this position.

Split Level

This is one of a number of ‘split-level’ positions that gives
the partners a different view of each other and a different
angle of penetration. Here, the woman lies on her back, her
legs round her partner’s waist, while he kneels. He is in total
control, and can also stimulate her clitoris with his fingers.
From this position he can let her legs drop and lie on top
of her in the missionary position, or he can raise her legs,
resting them around his shoulders, then bend forward to
kiss her mouth at the same time gaining depth of penetration.


The ‘spooning’ position is so named because of the close fit of the two bodies. The partners lie on their sides and the man enters from behind. This position is cozy and relaxing, good for slow drowsy lovemaking prior to failing asleep, or on waking during the night. It is also a comfortable position to adopt later in pregnancy when most others put too much pressure on the woman’s belly.


In this rear entry position, the woman lies face down with
the man on top of her. She spreads her legs and he
supports his weight on his arms. If she raises her bottom off
the bed slightly, perhaps with the aid of a pillow under her
hips, then it will be possible to achieve deeper penetration.
The man can also lie with his full weight on his partner, from which position it is easy to roll into ‘spoons’.


Both parties stand, using the wall as support. This position
is often used when the desire to make love strikes
unexpectedly. Part of the excitement lies in the fact that it
is not easy to move in this position.

Standing carry… The man stands, holding his partner
in his arms. She wraps he legs round his waist and her
arms round his shoulders. She can move against him by
pulling herself up and down, and he can help her with his
arms. This position can be assumed from sitting. It can,
of course, be adopted in a very confined space, but it is quite
strenuous. From this position you can return to sitting, or
the man can gently lower his partner on to a bed or
preferably a table, where thrusting can continue
without so much exertion.


The man lies on his back, spreading his legs, and his partner lies on top of him, her legs along his, her feet on his. There is a good opportunity for kissing and total body contact. She controls the pace of lovemaking by dragging herself up and down against him. Many women find this position very exciting and are more likely to reach orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation this way than any other.

She can vary the position by closing her legs tight while his remain spread, or by getting him to close his, or both. She can also move easily from this position to sit up facing him.


This position is ideal for when you are unexpectedly
overtaken by the urge to make love. It does not require more
than a loosening of the clothes if you want. The woman
leans over the nearest available piece of furniture and the
man enters from behind. It is good for fast exciting sex
and gives both partners the opportunity to
thrust against one another.