No Hearts

So I am continuing my annual Valentine’s Day boycott. I am sure this is good for Pretty Boy cause he doesn’t have to spend any money on all of the various V-Day accoutrement.

Grrr I can’t even properly concentrate on this post how angry I am with the Grammy’s this year. I am not even a Beiber fan but we all know the little kid has talent and the sick, wild and crazy fan base to match it. But thas ok. Give it to that Gorganzola jazz playing person. Go right ahead. And Lady Antebellum with Song of the year? Hmph as flippin if. You know what, thas you’ll things. Do what the flip y’all want with it. I shall be doing a boycott of the Grammy’s next year in addition to the V-DAY boycott.

Flippin dumb “music industry” don’t know what the flip they doing. And I hope J. Beiber fans riot. Those little girls have power. They should use it!

Anyway, tomorrow I am in black. Blah blah flippin BLAH!


Sooo to all
of you that were in on this plot to "Surprise the God Lord Outta Aja"
yesterday, I’ll give u an update. He proposed… AGAIN, and I decided that we
should wait a while… I’ve got to make sure that this is what I REALLY want…
So I’m NOT wearing his ring yet… There are still some issues that we have to
work through before we take this HUGE step…

We’ll see where it goes… 

I’ll keep you posted!!

Monday, August 3, 2009 at 9:02pm

YA Bitch

Sigh! Oh GOODNESS how it pains me to have to write one of these again!!

Ladies… I ain hating…But Ya man is a bitch.
The other girl MAY have self esteem issues… Ya man STILL is a bitch!
Yeah yeah, she ugly and pathetic and needs to get a life (rolls eyes)… WHERE is your man bitch?

Ya know what I would hope? That the "wifey" would stop spending so much time making noise with the "sideline ho" and start looking at the husband that won’t stop fucking her! Home girl don’t CARE that that’s your man! Obviously not! The pleas to her ain working, the trouble you causing ain working, all of the negative energy that u are expending on this feud ain working! Give it up and get another man OR SHUT UP ABOUT YA BITCH, and live with it…

I know that in an ideal world, if your man strays, you would call up the other woman, explain to her how he has a wife/girlfriend and some kids and that she should stop seeing ya dude to keep his family together. In that IDEAL WORLD, you would appeal to her caring side, and she would stop seeing him. But in the REAL world, home girl don’t care and more than likely she tryin to make some babies of her own with YA BITCH!

Now this time YALL BITCH just sitting round playing the two a you fa the fools that you are… The sweetheart saying "If she coulda keep her man he wouldn’t be here with me." And the "wifey" on the other hand saying "She so stupid she can’t see he coming home to me every night?" And I’m here saying THE BOTH a yall need to get a flipping life, and get tested then find new men! What the man doing? Living stress free and getting taken care of by two women… The REAL bad BITCH in this situation is gettin off virtually scot free, while yall two dummies bickering back and forth!

So can we get both the main woman and the side woman to just SHUT THE HELL UP, Stop stirring up unnecessary drama on ppl quiet little Facebook and let us all just get along???



Originally written Friday, March 20, 2009 at 10:50pm


 Boy chicks dese days just really stupid… But we won’t come on here talking about them Maury Show type a drama!!
 I know I lil late… But I want to say Congrats to muh cousin Santana on the birth a we baby gurl

***Shavionne Samuel***

She needs to hurry up bring her ass back to TI so I can meet my godbaby/ cousin properly!!!

Isn’t It Ironic??

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Ironic by (Alanis Morissette) Music Video Codes by

To whom it may concern…You know who u are, remember when u played this song for me??? HAHAHAHAHA Life is a bitch isn’t it?? Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay. What goes around comes around. All I had to do was sit down and patiently wait on the tables to turn… THINGS GATTA COME MY WAY!!! Do unto others as u will have them do onto you…


I must be a Sadist fah true cause I am getting ALL kinda pleasure from seeing u look like a ass, Seeing u in pain…I ain hating, just LOVING THIS SITUATION!!!


Karma is a BEAUTIFUL thing ya know, she may be a BITCH, but OH, SHE IS A BEAUTIFUL bitch. Man if I had  known things would have worked out this well!! Just one of those beautiful surprises that make life worth living, that shows you that Jah takes care of his own.

An old man turned ninety-eight
He won the lottery and died the next day
It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay
It’s a death row pardon two minutes too late
And isn’t it ironic…dontcha think

It’s like rain on your wedding day
It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
Who would’ve thought…it figures

Mr. Play It Safe was afraid to fly
He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids goodbye
He waited his whole damn life to take that flight
And as the plane crashed down he thought
"Well isn’t this nice…"
And isn’t it ironic…dontcha think

It’s like rain on your wedding day
It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
Who would’ve thought…it figures

Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything’s okay and everything’s going right
And life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything’s gone wrong and everything blows up
In your face

A traffic jam when you’re already late
A no-smoking sign on your cigarette break
It’s like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
It’s meeting the man of my dreams
And then meeting his beautiful wife
And isn’t it ironic…dontcha think
A little too ironic…and yeah I really do think…

It’s like rain on your wedding day
It’s a free ride when you’ve already paid
It’s the good advice that you just didn’t take
Who would’ve thought…it figures

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out
Helping you out


Well it may not exactly be IRONY, maybe just a twist of fate…But whatever it is…It is funny as hell!!!

The War DONE!!!

The war between me and my "Arch Nemesis" has finally come to an end. I negotiated peace talks and apparently they were successful!! I am looking forward to a peaceful, drama free, dull life for the next few weeks as I prepare for Miss South Caicos Regatta Pageant.


Here is the peace treaty!!!


truin, everything is jah u c, war stops when u stops, but play me for a ass and i will show u a ass…man vibin een me im just a str8 up person i forgive n forget easy life goes on with or without and life is too short for shits
=== Original Message === >>>>

How bout we call it a truce. I think its been about 8 mos since all this drama started and quite frankly I AM tired of it.

I am not asking you to be your friend, I don’t want to be your friend, I just want to live life and move on. Relationships are hard enough without worrying about your interference.

So how we end all the drama?? What is done is done and I am NOT trying to continue with this war!



Man Is The Least!!

Life is crazy ain’t it?? Mine is an open book. I don’t care. For all of the fans that orchestrated this lil vibe, still making me your world I see. Everyone one still wondering where home gal got my number from. If you know PLEASE tell me. Easy come easier go. Women NEVER learn not to deal with the other woman but to deal with the man. Lol AND then check out HIS defence. ALL TOO funny…More times…Lady Douglas OUT!!!

[11:44:11 AM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): So
              can u tell me what the deal is between both of you?
[11:45:35 AM] M*****a: excuse me the fuckin question is what the fuck
              is between u and fuckin him
[11:46:44 AM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I am
              sorry sweetheart, I am not willing to participate in
              this conversation if you will be usin obscenities…I
              haven’t done anything to you so I don’t want no vibe
[11:49:45 AM] M*****a: and sweetheart if u didnt want any vibe you
              fuckin ass shouldnt have approach me question me about
              fuckin _____ now ya dumb ass wanted to talk im fuckin
              listen and if u dont like what im sayin then bitch be
              gone cuz i ain really aint into this  fuckin typin shit
              i rather see ya ass but  until fuckin then u jus have to
              fuckin leave with it
[11:52:12 AM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Dread
              I een in ya business….Its just man, GOODNESS….If u
              got a vibe it should be with HIM not ME….We in the
              same boat
[11:52:19 AM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): He
              told me that he wasn’t dating you
[11:55:18 AM] M*****a: i hear all of that but my thing is rite u
              fuckin came to me ask me the question rite and fuckin i
              gave the answer and what fuckin gettin to me that really
              put on my fuckin shit list is that wen i asked ya ass
              why u fuckin lied to me n said no reason and my last
              remarks to u was that i was gonna find out what ever it
              was this fuckin small place trick and i really bout
[11:56:22 AM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I was
              goin with what he said, my bad, my stupidity, but that
              is how it is…
[11:58:05 AM] M*****a: no bitch that aint how its goin to be u fuckin
              tellin i should go to him dont fuckin worry bout that i
              will handle my fuckin handle i assure u that but u
              fuckin wrong cuz its not like u didnt u still knew but
              went rite ahead and fuck with him i dont kno and i dont
              care to kno but u jus fuck ya self big fuckin time
[11:58:42 AM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): lol
              all a this over a MAN?? I wouldn’t even bother
[11:58:47 AM] * M*****a has been blocked
And the conversation with the other side…
[10:13:55 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13) just sent you a
[10:14:20 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Hey
[10:14:24 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): How
              are u??
[10:14:50 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): i’m kool….. wa
              you sayin
[10:15:05 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W):
[10:15:17 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Just
              wantin to see what the deal is with u
[10:15:43 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): you gotta let me
              know wat the deal is?
[10:16:26 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I
              mean since it isn’t ME with the other girlfriend it
              isn’t too hard for me]
[10:17:56 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): imma be str8 up
              wit ya M*****a is my girlfriend but we jus wasn’t seein
              eye to eye like that anymore… so now word out that i
              be up with you she tryin to make it seem as if me an her
              ever waz lovie dovie an shit
[10:18:42 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): LOL
[10:18:44 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W):
[10:18:45 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): OK
[10:19:16 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): yea so thats the
              way the cookie crumble
[10:19:53 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): So
              why is it that u didn’t want to tell me that??
[10:20:24 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): that wasn’t
              important at that time too me
[10:20:58 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): How u
[10:21:17 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W):
              Wasn’t important that u told me u were single when u
[10:23:58 PM] You have just sent a Nudge!
[10:24:02 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): to me i waz but
              too you it would not have seem to be that way
[10:24:08 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): lol
[10:24:14 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Maybe
              cause it WASN’T
[10:24:37 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): well that too
[10:24:50 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): lol
[10:25:02 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): yea Boo
[10:26:42 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Even
              though I have all kinds a reasons to be mad at u, I am
              not ya know
[10:27:02 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): small things
[10:27:41 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): well i would
              think that is a good thing rite?
[10:27:55 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): That
              I am not mad at u??
[10:27:58 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Sure
              y not
[10:28:04 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): U
              could be my boy still
[10:28:10 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I
              mean if u are allowed too
[10:28:53 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): yeah why not i’m
              not under no lock and key
[10:29:28 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Ok
              never mind, I am mad at u again
[10:29:54 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): why???????  for
              wat now
[10:30:50 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Cause
              fuck dread, if u know how hard it was for me to try the
              whole "be a faithful girlfriend" vibe it would shock
[10:31:16 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I
              came off a dating hiatus off over a year to be with u
              cause the last b/f i had was cheating on me
[10:31:35 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): AND
              lied about it after I repeatedly asked him if he was
              with someone else
[10:31:46 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Even
              fuckin told him that he COULD be with someone else
[10:32:42 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): oooooooooooooh
              ok but een like i fuckin her
[10:33:32 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): If
              that had been all that u were doing I wouldn’t mind, but
              then u prolly in love with her n shit…
[10:34:03 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): nooooooo
[10:34:27 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): She
              said that u were dating from 1999 and u telling me it
              isn’t like that??
[10:35:38 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): yea an i told
              you that then she found out bout my baby mama
[10:36:11 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I
              know…but u telling me that in ALL that time that u
              don’t love her??
[10:36:58 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): i don’t like too
              fall in love always be the one gettin hurt
[10:37:12 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): That
              doesn’t answer the question though
[10:37:49 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): no i don’t think
              that i am in love
[10:38:04 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W):
[10:38:10 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Yes
              or No sweetheart
[10:38:17 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W):
[10:38:32 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13):
[10:39:07 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): So
              why not end it with her before u started with me?
[10:40:34 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): Mannn Boo imma
              be str8 up with you i got a problem all i try too change
              i can’t i like too much women 1 don’t be enough for me
              at times i tryin too change now
[10:41:14 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): So
              why u want to be straight up with me now??
[10:41:59 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): before you start
              too think that i’m a bad person after all this
[10:42:33 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I
              already think that u are a bad person
[10:43:10 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): god dam
[10:43:28 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): you see thats
              wat i waz afraid of
[10:44:28 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): No
              dread, when I asked u too be straight up with me and u
              didn’t u FUCKED urself
[10:45:00 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I
              told u that I could take n ething in stride
[10:45:19 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): how i did that?
[10:46:04 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): U
              LIED…I am cool and calm and I usually don’t give a
              damn bout most things
[10:46:39 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I
              wouldn’t have gotten angry with u then
[10:47:22 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): oh ok then but
              the truth came out rite
[10:47:51 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Cause
              I am smart…
[10:48:15 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Would
              u have ever told me if I didn’t let it be known??
[10:48:38 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): yea i would
[10:48:58 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): When
              I got in too deep??
[10:49:33 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): no no monn i
              would not have waited that long
[10:50:03 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): Well
              we will never know cause the truth is already
[10:50:33 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): yeah but i’m
              glad it came out tho
[10:51:18 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W):
[10:51:29 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): U
              were hoping to hurt someone??
[10:51:47 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): U
              wanted to break up with me and didn’t know how?
[10:52:16 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): Cuz you kool
              dread and you ain’t all into your self and shit and i
              didn’t want too hurt you that why i never told you bout
[10:52:20 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): nooooooooooo Boo
              never that
[10:53:10 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): If u
              DIDN’T want to hurt me then u WOULD have told me
[10:53:54 PM] (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13): yea i would have
              i’m serious but didn’t know how too really bring it out
[10:54:24 PM] :d Šmìlë?w?il?™:DT?oUßL?s?M!! (W)R.I.P. Merril(W): I
              asked u point blank…
[11:18:40 PM] * (ci) Eazy Like Sunday Morning(D.S #13) has been