Long Day…

I had a really long day. I had two exams today so I was up all night (inadequately) preparing for, I had a YEP meeting right after class and I was hungry and tired to the point of weakness.

I just got home and I’m lying in bed fully clothed too tired to even wash my face and eat. I’m even too tired to watch Scandal.

I’m not about this life. Where is my Pretty Boy with my hug and forehead kiss whilst he tucks me in? I just want this day to end!




Its been quite a while since I have bothered to blog and for that, I hang my head in shame.

There has been TONS going on in my life that I didn’t mention. In March I became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority INNNNNcorporated! I was a chartering member of the Tau Nu chapter at The College of The Bahamas. #11 AKAnaut cause you know I stay fly! 🙂 #skeewee

Konceited? Yeah, that’s what they say, but when you’re number one you can act that way!

I was also accepted to The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill. I have decided not to go just yet. These long distance relationships are NO joke.

Next week I am scheduled to go to East Sussex, England for a month for a study abroad program. I am QUITE excited as this will be my first transatlantic/European trip and I get to do so for an ENTIRE month. PLUS I will be staying at this super cool castle! I mean A CASTLE? REALLY? How cool is that?

Where I will be spending part of my summer. Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex, photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Also my sister in law is getting married in August in Baltimore and I will be meeting my Father-in-law and step-mother-in-law for the first time and I can hardly wait.

I will also be getting barbecue courtesy of my awesome former roommates in the KY, OH area (sup Alex and Elise (-: ) and I will be going to see a Cincinnati Reds game. Um I am not that big on baseball, but football season (GO BRONCOS!!!) doesn’t start til around the end of August.

My summer reading isn’t coming along as smoothly as I would have liked it… I hate e-readers. I simply can’t read for extended periods on an e-reader. So that is putting a monkey wrench into my life right about now. I have been trying to read “1984” for about a month now and I am still on the first 10 pages. Sigh.

However I HAVE been reading. I have been somewhat obsessed with Christopher Paolini’s “Inheritance” series. Unfortunately, the library didn’t have the final book, so I am trying to read that electronically. Epic fail.

Ok. I have bored you guys and rambled on long enough. I will try to give a bi-weekly account of my trip to England. I will try REALLY hard… For real.


Women Unable to Raise Women?

I was born into a family that is made up primarily of women. I have 6 aunts and 3 uncles and the vast majority of their children (my cousins) have also been female. However, I have an issue with how they raise their girls. It is all about deference to men and finding a husband instead of being independent and strong women. Even when we were younger we had different set of standards for the boys, than we did for the girls. It went beyond the normal habit of allowing the boys to stay out later or to begin dating earlier. The boys were sometimes forbidden to clean certain parts of the house-the bathroom- even though, arguably they caused the most dirt and the most smells.

My brothers were also allowed to stop doing dishes at a certain age under the false pretense that they were granted this honor because they had begun working, because neither my sister nor I was granted this same privilege. It all had to do with a woman’s place in the home as a house keeper and a homemaker why we were forced to keep cleaning long after the age when my brothers were allowed to stop. I was very strong willed and I did not buy into this pervasive way of thought and I had a strong opposition along the way. I would often have one family member or the other tell me “A lazy woman is a nasty woman” because of my dislike for housework. Or they would tell me “You ain gin never find a husband”, because at that time I didn’t like cooking.

I was never once told that I would be just okay without a man, but instead I think my whole upbringing was centered around making me a good wife and a good mother. Now, those lessons were all fine and dandy if that had been what I wanted, but the lessons never changed when I voiced my opposition to being a housewife or a mother. Instead, my lack in this area was emphasized, whilst I feel like my academic achievements were downplayed. Now I won’t say that my parents were not proud of me, I will just say that they did it more in silence, and were far more verbal of my lack and intense disinterest in housekeeping.

I think now, a few of them are moving away from wanting to make wives and instead are trying to make women; strong, beautiful, educated, self-sufficient women who are able to have goals past her kitchen and are able to have desires that are worldwide. Now I beckon the rest of you to please get out of the mindset of a man or a husband making it all better. Because sometimes, they just make your life miserable!

Frito Lay Potato Chips are the Fat Inducing Devils!

I bought this mega bag of Frito Lay potato chips on Saturday against my better judgement. I of course thought that I would be able to control myself and I would be able to just have one bag of chips every now and then over the course of the month.

Boy was I wrong!!

Frito Lay Fat Inducers

Its only Wednesday and I have nearly demolished the entire bag of 22 of those delicious bags of fried crunchy potato goodness. How was I to know that it was impossible to eat just one of those teeny tiny bags?? Its like JUST when you are getting into just how good they are you start hitting the bottom of the bag! And then you start to panic cause you guys were just bonding, this relationship can’t be over yet!! Then all of a sudden, just as your breath started catching in your throat in a full scale freak out, you remember the five other chips in the bag in the same flavor! You relax cause you know that this is not the end after all… You guys can start again, start anew!

Then before you realize what you are doing, you look over to see five empty chip bags and immediately the shame starts. Ahh hell… There goes the purpose of that salad you ate today. You know how you were gonna start to eat healthy and only eat those oh so delicious potato chips once a week on Saturdays?

So you kick the empty bags under the bed and you start to feel better. And then the craving starts again. I mean you are already on your way to one more belly roll anyways, so what’s the harm in eating another one?? May as well make sure that this belly roll is all that it can be. There is no sense in going half assed. So you lick you cheese encrusted fingers in satisfaction…

All I know is, I blame Pretty Boy for letting me buy them. He knows better!



Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

In two days (including today and tomorrow) Pretty Boy will be here!!!

My Pretty Boy!

How awesome is that? I have not touched, felt nor smelled my lover for about seven weeks now… I am DYING over here.

You hear me?? DYING!

I feel like a child on her first trip to Disney World; I can’t think about anything else and still asking mom “Is it Thursday yet?”


You guys have NO idea how long it took for October to FINALLY get here! Getting past that long drawn out month of September was simply torture! Thank God we didn’t have to deal with an unnecessary 31st day. I wouldn’t have be able to stand more random days in some random month getting in the way of me seeing my heart again.

I AM SO EXCITED I can hardly stand it!!!

*Tight happy face*


School Break Already??

I am back in Freeport!! Wait, wait, before you start judging and wondering how come I didn’t stick it out and call me all kinda bad names (BLEE I see u) let me explain.

There is a hurricane coming.


I lived through the horrors of Hurricane Frances in 2004 and through Ike and Hanna in 2008 (or was it 2009, hmmm) and I have NO plans on braving hurricane force winds and long power outages and water interruptions alone and without the comfort of my family and my Pretty Boy.

If I must suffer, I want to suffer with those that love me most. So here I am. Back home, a mere *counts fingers* 2 3/4 days after I left, right back where I started. Sigh. Who knew this evil Irene character would send me packing so quickly?

But I should be back in the bullet/dengue capital by Sunday, all bright eyed, bushy tailed for Monday.

Back to the Books: Good Bye Summer, I Hate to See You Go :'(!

School starts tomorrow.-_- yay. Is it just me or did summer take FOREVER to get here, only to be done MUCH too quickly? Sigh. Where are you summer? Why can’t I find you? Why have you gone away??

l I moved to Nassau for my book learning. I came on Saturday night, and ready to leave already -_-. I have to do my very best to stay away from that Dengue and them bullets. Apparently both are travelling around this city with a vengeance.

Anyways I already did my grocery shopping so that I won’t gain “the Freshman 30” even though I am not a Freshman, it hardly discriminates just cause I have been in school longer. And I heard that we have a McDonald’s right down the street from us. Mmmm… Chicken McNuggets *drools*. And even though at the time of this blog I have been here for a 26 hours, I’ve already bought Wendy’s twice and Dominoes once. I rebuke these fat inducing sandwiches in the name of Jesus!

Maybe the whole “poor, starving, college student” Shtick will be good for my waistline if nothing else. *fingers crossed*.

Wish me luck with the skinny and with the learning and with the being away from Pretty Boy on a regular basis for the next two years!