Bahamian elections happened today and I’m pleased to report that the incumbent government, the PLP, got their asses handed to them. It was a bad 5 years in my opinion. 5 years of scandal and corruption and taxes (how y’all gone charge VAT on Customs?). Our credit score was lowered to just a step above junk, Baha Mar is a disaster, foreign entities are questioning our relationship with China. 

Listen, the people wanted a change. They voted resoundingly for a change. They weren’t taking any chances even in voting for people they actually liked (Leslie Miller, I’m gonna miss you)… They saw red and they voted red no questions asked.  The last tally at time of writing this blog was 34-5 (I think, lol). Even PM Perry Christie lost his seat to an unknown opponent from the FNM. 

Obie Wilchcombe, my lousy MP for the past 15 years was also ousted by my Soror Pakesia-Parker Edgecombe. A true daughter of the soil. I’m so proud of her and so happy to be rid of Obie. 

I must, however, admit that I am a bit wary of this lopsided government and lack of real opposition. This reminds me of the time the PNP in the Turks and Caicos won 13-2 seats. There was widespread, unchecked corruption which resulted in the Turks and Caicos’ constitution being temporarily suspended and England stepping in to put the country back in check. 

The Bahamas is independent so there is no England to step in and save the people. However, this is a cautionary tale of why checks and balances and a dissenting voice is always necessary. Absolute power absolutely corrupts. 

But enough of that. Tonight, we think of a brighter future and great possibilities. Tonight, we celebrate!

Picture credit to Jamaal Rolle 


“Homophobia, Hypermasculinity and the Bahamian Church”

Philosopher Edmund Burke once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” However, sometimes in their overzealousness to rid the earth of perceived evil, even good men can fall into the trap of wrongdoings. Many consider The Bahamas to be a Christian nation, one that believes and is built upon Christian principles. One evil that many Bahamians vow not to tolerate is the acceptance of the “sinfulness” of homosexuality. It has been well documented over the years; from the picketing of gay cruise ships, to the accusations by some prominent minsters of the gospel of government promoting a homosexual agenda, that the citizens of this country have displayed very strong homophobic tendencies. Under the guise of following the laws of God Bahamian churches have been the main purveyors of hate and intolerance against LGBT individuals in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas touts itself as a Christian nation, and as such, most of its citizens belong, or claim to belong to a church. According to CIA  World factbook (2014), a whopping 94.9% of Bahamians affiliate themselves with a church of the Christian faith, with Baptists being the highest demographic. These large numbers can bear witness to the far reaching programming of the church into Bahamian society. Therefore, when prominent ministers preach a message that condemns the LGBT lifestyle, it is easy to draw a connection between a hate toward lesbians and gays and the church. As reported by Elijah Ward (2005) black churches have been identified as fostering homophobia and it has played a vital role in its beginnings, legitimation and enforcement on a weekly basis.

Less than a month ago, a group of homosexual Bahamians made an attempt to come together with like-minded individuals to share in positive exchange, share stories, and to offer support. However, this progressive event was met with derision by the general public, not because it was negative or harmful to the country, but because of whom the event was celebrating. There were posts of outrage on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter lamenting the silence by Bahamian religious leaders. Hearing the cries of his fellow Christians, well known pastor, Dr. Myles Munroe decided to lead the charge in condemning this gathering.

In his published attach Munroe dismissed the idea of homosexuality as a basic human right. He asked, “Is it civil, right, reasonable, logical, sane to promote a cause, lifestyle or practice of a behavior that could in its ultimate conclusion cause the extinction of the human race?” (2014). Munroe further lambasted the movement by claiming that they are “hijacking” and “raping” The Civil Rights Movement. He drew no parallels between the two kinds of activism as he claimed that homosexuals “choose” their lifestyles while black people had their identities thrust upon them at birth.

Due to nature of the governing structure in the country and the inherent conjoining of church and state, the pervading disdain of the church toward LGBT resonates far beyond the doors of the church building.  Christian Counsel’s President Ranford Patterson has weighed in on the issue several times in the media. Sharing similar views to Dr. Myles Munroe, he openly asserted that he does not and will not support gay rights. He claimed not to know exactly what rights gays and lesbians are fighting for asserting that gays go to the same places as straight men and women. Although this assertion is true in most aspects, it dangerously undermines the humanistic perspective of people’s rights to freedom from discrimination and equal opportunity – opportunities such as marriage, family life and even leadership. The Bahamas Tribune Newspaper cited Patterson saying, “Do not tell me that you expect me to support you. The country would never vote for a gay candidate in an election. It is against what the Bible speaks about” (Tribune, 2014).  The stance taken by the Bahamas Christian Counsel ironically infringes upon the same human rights Patterson claims not to know of and promotes the same level of discrimination akin to racism.

While Dr. Myles Munroe and Ranford Patterson have come out to condemn the entire LGBT community, it is traditionally homosexual men who have faced the brunt of the backlash when identifying as gay.  Men are generally taught early on to be tough and display a particular level of masculinity that has been known to define a “real man” for hundreds of years. Any deviance from this preconceived definition of masculinity sometimes results in less-than-kind responses by peers and parents alike. People often use terms like sissy, faggot/fag or even gay when a male exhibits anything less than what is considered rugged masculinity. Pascoe (2005) explains how the boys she interviewed used the “fag” epithet.

A boy could get called a fag for exhibiting any sort of behavior defined as non-masculine (although not necessarily behaviors aligned with femininity)… being stupid, incompetent, dancing, caring too much about clothing, being too emotional or expressing interest (sexual or platonic) in other guys. (p.75)

In black men these pressures can be compounded when ideals of masculinity such as the ability to provide for their families and participation in sports is stagnated because of limited employment or socioeconomic backgrounds. These men are therefore forced to take on a persona that emphasizes other aspects of masculinity such as violence or womanizing. Shaun Harper (2010) quotes Oliver that masculinity for disempowered black men manifested itself as “tough guy” and “player of women” personas (p.136). In the Bahamas we can see the manifestation of this trend in inner cities where men often attempt to compensate for this inability to display typical masculinity by becoming violent and/or attempting to prove their sexual prowess by fathering multiple children and engaging with multiple sex partners.

The church, which is a pillar of Bahamian society, extends this view; therefore even men in church have some expectation to be masculine. Ward holds that homophobia in the church has influence of the conceptions of what it is to be a black man (2005). Consequently, the church prejudiced the lives and the behaviors of black men of any sexual orientation which may trigger hyper-masculine behaviors as a result of the repeated indoctrination of homophobic attitudes. Lemelle & Battle (2004) found that black men who attended church regularly were found to have more homophobic attitudes toward gay men.

Jesus Christ was a man who, according to biblical texts, loved everyone, fought for the rights of the disenfranchised and showed empathy to everyone he met. The modern Bahamian church often bears little resemblance to the teachings of the man they base their entire belief systems upon. The church has been well documented in showing their intolerance for the LGBT community and it encourages its supporters to follow suit. The result of this is negatively reinforced behaviors and attitudes that drive men who may seek solace in the laurels of the church, to wear a façade of machismo in an effort to exert his masculinity. Maybe instead of condemning homosexuals, the church should practice the compassion that they so often preach about.


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I Wish

I wish that all the PNPs and PDMs would put all their petty bullshit
aside… Right now, they don’t even exist! The big, bad British came
and took everyone’s voice away just like that! So while everyone
undoubtedly busy pointing fingers at each other, I wish that they would
band together and turn that bullshit around!

If there was ever a time when ALL Turks Islanders could unite, I would
wish it would be now… Not as a PDM or a PNP but as TURKS ISLANDERS!
Stop the blame game and just fucking FIX IT!!

The ‘F’ Word

There was a time when I used NO OBSCENITIES. I mean not even "damn". I used to think "How poor is their vocabulary that they have to curse when they are talking". That and the fact that my parents woulda slapped me in my mouth if I ever said a "bad" word.
Then as I got older and away from parents I began to think "What makes one word bad, but not another."
Then the little experimenting with the "ass" and "bitch" began. Not around parents off course. The first time I said a "bad" word, I swore that moms, 13 miles away at work knew that I was "cussing" and I would get it when she got home. It was literally months between the first time I used a "bad" word and the second time. Guilt would kick my ass if even I THOUGHT of one.
Years past and gradually these "bad" words found themselves into my vocabulary. I blame it on Cindy, Santana and Neicey. But then I got it. I consider myself to have a pretty above average vocabulary, but I found that "cuss" words conveyed emotion better than n e of the "big" words in my repertoire.
I found that saying "I am fucking pissed", conveyed stronger emotions than "I am extremely upset" or if I said "This is some serious shit" rather than "This is a grave situation".
If needed I can still pull out my "extensive vocab". Now I am not saying that every word that I utter is punctuated by an obscenity. But every fucking thing has it’s time and place!

Da Hole

$4ŦЯΦUBL€§UM·$39 dnt ya worry cause Imma get it wit no assisstance just that persisstance wit that committment!!! says:

u kno u happy for me


łëǺŵҹĩļэ™ ·$(004,172,071) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil Big Cuz CINDY!!!! The Rum N Coke On Me!! says:



łëǺŵҹĩļэ™ ·$(004,172,071) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil Big Cuz CINDY!!!! The Rum N Coke On Me!! says:


ЯΦUBL€§UM·$39 dnt ya worry cause Imma get it wit no assisstance just that persisstance wit that committment!!! says:

y tho


ЯΦUBL€§UM·$39 dnt ya worry cause Imma get it wit no assisstance just that persisstance wit that committment!!! says:

u tried


ЯΦUBL€§UM·$39 dnt ya worry cause Imma get it wit no assisstance just that persisstance wit that committment!!! says:

y cnt i


łëǺŵҹĩļэ™ ·$(004,172,071) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil Big Cuz CINDY!!!! The Rum N Coke On Me!! says:

Das the thing about fallin down the hole and tellin the person that comin behind u about the hole so that they won’t fall down

·@·#·$39ŠmìłëǺŵҹĩļэ™ ·$(004,172,071) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil Big Cuz CINDY!!!! The Rum N Coke On Me!! says:


·@·#·$39ŠmìłëǺŵҹĩļэ™ ·$(004,172,071) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil Big Cuz CINDY!!!! The Rum N Coke On Me!! says:

There is a hole


ЯΦUBL€§UM·$39 dnt ya worry cause Imma get it wit no assisstance just that persisstance wit that committment!!! says:

i ga get a rope a ladder on big flashlight some caned food and imma CONQUOR DA DAMN HOLE



This sucker serious with this dread!!!


Ok like SERIOUSLY!!! This ain sense dread!! Everybody talking ass about settling down, getting girlfriends, getting married!!! What kinda darkness these suckas upholding dread??!! WHY?? FA WHAT?? What’s got these formerly sensible people thinking about taking the “committed” route?? The only thing that I can think of is that there is something in the water. I tell them them lil white particles u see floating round in the cup ain from no ice!!!


That short, naked pervert called cupid doing something man!!! Ohh if I ever get my hands on his ass!! Jah knows it ain gin be pretty…

Smt all a my good people man. It is a sad day for the players club. I now revoke the privileges of Adrain, Asa, Monice, Lindy, Santana and Kimmie… Yall suckas banned til yall catch yall heads!!!!

These da suckas talkin bout "love"…I hang my head in shame




In love!!! I never hear SO MUCH FOOLISHNESS from SO many card carrying members in all a my life…Smt…I HANG MY HEAD IN SHAME!!!


Santana on lock…She out a the club fah life!!! Ain never no coming back from that darkness…Niecey bout she getting married….Smt…Man that was the bitch that all other wanna be bitches took notes from!! Adrain, a man after my own heart, my personality embodied in another person…the world mourns you today. You taking that “love, settle down” shit to a WHOLE other level…Lindy, my big bro…The marriage talks came up with this one?? Here I was thinking that was gin be a bachelor fa life…Asa…Big Worm…sniff sniff….it just hurts my heart to hear it…Kimmie…Just when we were going to have your players card laminated!!! Another one shot down in the prime a their lives!!!


Can we please have a moment of silence, for all the players that talking ass about going the “taken” route… The world now mourns!!!






Get A Job You Say!!


Everyone was runnin on bout how I need a job. Well yeah I did I guess, but shhhh let me get to my point before u start talking…Shush..YES YOU SHUSH!!! Anyway So I got this "job" right and I have been here for like a week. And I ain start "working" fah real yet. Just getting paid to be on the internet and update my blog every other 15 mins in the comfort of an air conditioned room.
So fah all those who tell me that I needed to get a job cause I had too much time on my hands to use updating this…Well…Time still on my hands…Even more now cause I can’t even get bored a the net and go watch Days Of Our Lives and Passions no more…All I can do is basically be on here minding ppl business and trying hard not to get into trouble…
Truin if I slip one time and say something bitchy and outta the way, don’t respond and pay me no mind, but boredom does make ya do some S**t. Have a dawta thinking things like how fun it would be to drug one dude and take advantage of him, or uses for my desk other than paperwork (I got that one from Terry..LOL bad bad influence) and how sexy Angelina Jolie is and how she does make me think gay-ish type thoughts…(that’s Terry too, damn I need to stop talkin to him, he be puttin all kinds a ideas in my head.)
Hey I am in Love ya know..Like head over heels, settle down, get married and have a bunch a mulatto babies type love…:) Serious things fah a chick like me…Thinking bout messing up my waistline fah someone…We ain gin even start to mention the stretch marks dem chirren does cause…I would slap a kid if ya look in 15 years I decide to take a break from trekking through the jungles of Africa helping sick ppl and monkeys and such, and he be acting up him ain gin like it!!
Anyway "Boss" is back in office so I gern look busy…