Talking about YouTube – Lady Gaga – Alejandro Beatboxing & Acapella Cover (Collab)

 I am REALLY feeling this remix… I didn’t even LIKE her song til I heard this version… Check it out!


YouTube – Lady Gaga – Alejandro Beatboxing & Acapella Cover (Collab)



"So what is your favorite type of music?" I asked,  "No, let me guess, reggae right?"
That was easy, since that is all I ever heard coming from his car stereo.
He gave me that crooked grin. "How did you know?"
He then grabbed his CD case and flipped through the many titles, till he came across the one he was after. He then put it into the CD player and soon the sounds of "Dem Gone" by Gentleman wafted through the speakers.
"This is my favorite song right here." he said.
So there we sat, listening and singing along…"Dem goooooooone! So far away!"
when he turned to me and asked me "So what is YOUR favorite song".
He thought about it for a moment.
"How does that go?"
Well considering my less than…AHEM…perfect voice. I "SANG" a few lines, blushing the whole time. "I am ready for love, why are you hiding from me….".
"Oh, I know what you mean. I just didn’t know who sang it."
"Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my CD with that song on it from Freeport, so I haven’t heard it in awhile."
"True", he said.
A week later, I got a text to my cellphone. "Come downstairs", it said.
So I put on some shoes and trodded to his car.
The minute I sat in the car, what was I too hear softly playing in the stereo, but my favorite song ‘I am ready for love’ by India.Arie. I sat there mouth gaping, looking at him, and floored by his thoughtfulness.
I tilted my head to the side and looked at him and thought, ”Wow”.