Ok… I don’t feel like being gay anymore… Nevermind!!



~Trapped In The Closet OR Coming Outta One~

I have been denying this too long… I always knew I had these intense feelings but I have always surpressed them seeing as they were so stigmatized… I mean how do I tell my parents that their baby is gay??
There I said it!!
I am coming out of the closet, letting the world know that I am homosexual.
There have always been rumours questioning my sexuality, I mean come on, ever wondered Y I said that I don’t do boyfriends?? Why I always had my hair cut so short?? haha Its all becoming clear to you isn’t it??? The last "boyfriends" I had were my final attempt at getting rid of these feelings that I have, but they are just too strong!!
All of these gurls approaching me lately cause they think I am messing with their boyfriends… Oh sweetie, you were SOOO wrong…Maybe it was you that I was looking at not him… Maybe he should be worried!!
For future reference, I like my chicks tall and leggy with big titties…
Anyway.. I hope that this doesn’t change anything… I hope that everyone will accept me for who and what I am… Aja Jamila Nikita Douglas… Lesbian Extraordinaire..