76 Days of NO FACEBOOK: An Experiment In Getting Homework Done.

Dear Diary

Its been about an hour since I told Pretty Boy to change the password on my (and his) Facebook and to keep it away from me until the end of the current semester. What was I thinking? I am already getting antsy, I can’t focus, I getting all jittery, my heart is beating too fast. OMG am I having a HEART ATTACK??!! 0_O

I can’t stop thinking of the posts that I am missing, of all the status updates from people I have never spoken to in real life, all of the likes to my awesome comments. I am gonna be outta the loop! I won’t even find out when Whatserface breaks up with her boyfriend! Oh no! And Blee will win the poke war! How will I live with no pokes? And ticker! My beautiful, stalker-like ticker! How did I live without it I don’t know, but I have grown to love it so dearly. How else will I know what everyone that I have ever developed a friendship with is doing at any given second, of any given day when they are on Facebook?

I have been begging Pretty Boy for the last 20 mins to give me back my password. He says no. And something about promises. Blah, blah, blah. I don’t think I am liking him very much right now. *folds arms and pouts*

Now what am I supposed to do online? Do other websites even still exist? Is there life outside of Facebook? Dare I reactivate my MySpace page? Ohhhh, what about hi5? Aw, who the hell am I kidding? Life as I know it is OVER! OVER!!


Pose for the Camera: Click, Click…

I’m a novice photographer and I am really just beginning to find my style. I am loving the natural, almost candid side to photography… Here is a little bit of what I’ve been up to lately…


And here is an awesome shot by Pretty Boy. He is pretty good himself…

The Most Awesome Thing Ever!

Music! Oh Yeah!!!

About a year ago my old laptop conked out. You know, the one that was attached to the-iPod-where-every-single-song-I-have-ever-loved-liked-or-heard-that-one-time-I-was-six-was-categorized-and-playlisted. It took me years to compile that collection and make sure every song was organized with artist name, album name, track number and genre (I am a tad anal about my iTunes). The the laptop just died on me. For no reason. At All. So that was the end of my iPod as I knew and loved it.

Any avid music listener and collector would be able to understand how much this devastated me, especially when it accidentally synced to another iTunes! My years of hard work went down the drain in mere moments. I mourned my lost friend who had kept me able to ignore the cat calls and jeers from many a man as I traveled to and from school.

Well two nights ago a miracle happened. I was able to revive my dead computer, which I had kept with hope for its recovery. So therefore, I was able to transfer my most beloved files to my new computer. I am in my glee. Some of these files have been transferring from one computer to another for over a decade, so its like a family reunion. I even have the file for the song that Pretty Boy gave me on our very first date and the night of our very first kiss (yeah I kissed him on the first date, and I ain shame). This is so effin awesome!

I’ve been like a kid in a candy store, just re-acquainting myself with my lost loves. Remembering where I was when I first heard certain songs. Or reminiscing on which breakup song went with which dick head ex boyfriend. Sigh…If this isn’t love then I don’t know what is!


This is a selection from my newly minted 'Fav Tunes' playlist


Well guys today is the first of June. Which means that MSN should have reset my picture settings and I SHOULD be allowed to upload all the pics  that I took recently. I have been having TONS of requests for them. So check back soon for new pics. And as always u are allowed to take the ones you want. You can comment on them if you like and PLEASE sign my guest book to let me know that u have viewed my page and/or picked up a photo.
Kisses and Hugs!!!

Finally got 10, 000 hits

Free Hit Counter
Yay Look who finally got to 10,000 hits over the weekend!!! Along with other Crap I did, but well I am proud a my vibe:) YAY!!! Thanks to everybody that come on here to read the crap that I write (BIG UPS TO KIMMIE, NIECEY N ADRAIN.) Bout a thousand a them hits belong to you…LOVE You!!! N eway nuff a that!!! But Smooches n Hugs n Love and all other forms of mushy not listed!!!

Msn On one VIBE!!

Ok…My space is totally MESSED up!! I don’t know what happened to it  or how I can fix it…I tried rearranging it, Had to delete all kinds of things, AND IT IS STILL NOT WORKIN PROPERLY….SMT man w/e I gin just put the things back and wait for it to magically fix itself…If ANYONE knows what the deal is..PLEASE help me!!!