Back to School

Today was the first day of school. Yay. -_-  How can I contain this geyser odd excitement that is steadily bubbling in the depths of my soul?

As I begin this semester, I make my vow to Jesus early that I will get my assignments done, way before the due date and not fifteen minutes before class starts, as had been my custom.

Yessirree! I’ve been changed, I’ve turned over a new leaf, I’m a leopard that Jason changed her spots! You are tuned in to the most improved student to ever walk the corridors of the great College of the Bahamas!

To show my seriousness, I did a back to school themed manicure. Every nerd diva must have her nails did!



Now, How Am I Gonna Wear a Veil With This? My New Haircut.

I got my hair cut. No, I didn’t go bald. I got this super cool edgy haircut that I REALLY love. I saw a picture of myself after I got it and I really didn’t recognize the girl in the photo. Lol its awesome!

Now the dilemma is, how am I gonna get the veil to stay on?? I have found some innovative ways to modify the veil. I am really hoping that it not only works, but that it looks spectacular in the mean time!

26 days until my Vegas wedding!!!!!

Water Marbling… A Practice of Patience

Last night, thru trial and much error I got my fingers water marbled! I don’t know if I will do it again because it is a long, tedious and messy process. I even had to go out at 1am to buy some Zephyr Hills Spring Water because the water that I buy bottled was NOT working… -__- I think we need to revisit our water supplier. I am now totally convinced that we are PAYING for tap water…

I also had to play around with my nail polish and find three coordinating colors that would actually work. My first choice of colors were red, pink and white… The pink (which was Revlon Light) did not allow for the spreading, so I had to scrap the whole thing and find other colors.

In the end I used Orly Buried Treasure, Orly It’s Up To Blue and China Glaze White on White. I also didn’t have the scotch tape so I used Duct Tape instead… It worked fine. And I had NO Cotton Swabs in my house so my end result is still kinda messy since all I could use was a piece of cotton wrapped around the tip of a rat tail comb.

Anyways now for the pictures…

The polish sank to the bottom at first
So I had to make a run to the store for some water...
Using the pencil to create the design that I wanted...
The first nail... I had to do this one over... It was a fail!


After the tape
I cleaned it up the best I could with what I had
The other hand

The mess!







Lemonade Diet: Day One

I was up until about five o’clock this morning baking an apple pie that I had no hope if eating due to the fast. Well as a Result of my culinary adventures we got up around two o’clock this afternoon. I woke up ravenous!

Pretty Boy and I had a few errands to run, some of the ingredients for the lemonade concoction were missing. I guess I made one too many pouty faces or made one superfluous quip about how hungry I was cause Pretty Boy looked at me when we were cashing out at AID and asked, “Are you gonna be this cranky this whole time you on this thing?”
“Well yeah,” I retorted, “I’m gonna be hungry.”

About a minute later I finagled a quarter outta him to get some gumballs from the candy machine that they had so temptingly put right in front of the cash register. I tried to ignore it but them gumballs were calling me.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later when we were passing Frank’s Ice Cream Parlour that my day made a significant turn for the better. I had longingly looked out of the window, sighed and said “I want ice cream”. Pretty Boy looked at me and questioned, “Do you want to start this thing tomorrow?”

Of course I did! How dare I even think of turning down this super inspired idea by my life partner? I couldn’t! And there was this one thing in them wedding vows about honoring and obeying. So I did just that I honored him, straight to Wendy’s. I didn’t totally suck though, because I got a baja salad and not the chicken sandwich with bacon. Well, I DID get a chicken sandwich, but it was a small one and it DIDN’T have any bacon on it (so don’t judge me!)

Anyway, I’ve got ice cream (double chocolate chunk AND blueberry cheesecake), I’ve got apple pie, I’m gonna enjoy my last real meal maybe for the rest of the year.

PS. I found my dream wedding dress. I’ll be ordering it as soon as I drop a few pounds of this “happy weight.” Yay me! Vegas Wedding 2011!


Nail Art!

Not So Black and white

Nowadays my nails are never naked nor are they ever only plain. I love the responses that they get from people. No matter how simple or elaborate they always get attention!

Bold as a Tiger

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I get tons of ideas from tutorials on YouTube. There are tons of super creative people out there!

Memories at The Sunset

I LOVE NAILART and I am happy to express my inner wild child through my nails even if I have toned down the way that I dress… 🙂

As White As Snow