Rock On! 🤘🏾

This Saturday I went to my first rock concert. It. Was. EPIC! I am not a fan of rock, not really. I would listen to whatever is on the radio but I’ve never been a rock fan. However, after that concert I can truly appreciate the musicality and theatrics of it all. 

There were three rock bands performing Tesla, Poison and Def Leppard. I’d never heard of Tesla before, but they were pretty great. The vocals of the lead singer were on point. He had an awesome, raspy voice and he wore weird leather, snake skin-esque pants. 

The McGillicudy
To be honest, I’ve never REALLY heard of Poison either, prolly in an episode of VH1’s I love the 80’s. But I do know Brett Michaels, from Vh1’s Rock of Love. Poison was Kevin’s favorite band in the lineup. It was totally hilarious to see him in his button down and loafers totally rockin’ out to their music. Their guitar and drum solos were phenomenal. Like, even knowing none of the songs I still really enjoyed their performances. I even got their tour T-shirt. My very first one ever. 

Poison, Live and direct

Def Leppard was the headlining band. Cool fact, their drummer lost his arm in a car accident and now he has a special, customized drum set that he plays with his remaining arm and foot pedals. Another fun fact, One of their guitarists, Phil Collen, was so hot. He had such a great body, especially when I saw that he was 59(totally googled that in the middle of the concert). I’m literally thinking of mailing him a pair of my panties. I think I was supposed to throw it on stage, I heard that was the wave in rock back in the day. But my mean sister Domi wouldn’t let me. She is such a killjoy. Anyways, if anyone sees my love Mr. Collen, tell him I said hey. 😍 

My new love, Phil Collen

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2 thoughts on “Rock On! 🤘🏾”

  1. Hey!!!And when did u go to poison & def Leppard???!In Turks??!If the said mr mcgillicudy took u instead of me who would of died to see them in Canada I will & now disown him forever.He could of took both of us…😢😔😔😩U must be the favourite.🤔

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