“Can I Take a Break?”

This weekend, I was forced against my will to the cabin by the lake to paint said cabin. So for nearly 36 internet-less hours I was forced to cover little wall imperfections with something that was prolly stucco, (not sure what stucco is, but not gonna Google it either) sand down, clean off and paint walls. I’m no painter, and in fact the last thing I painted was an accent wall at my old place about 5 years ago.

So Dictator Wendi took over Day one where there was barely time for food (however I did drink copious amounts of Bud Light that apparently have no alcohol in em). She gave us about 35 minutes for “supper” then she made me and Domi get right back into it. I was allowed around 11pm to join the campfire and make some S’mores. Sigh, I think of the potential for fun this weekend that totally was wasted on work. 

Day two was Dictator Domi who didn’t let Wendi and I go to lunch. Idk what’s up with these people and refusing to let me eat. After breakfast I was allowed wine and potato chips. We were finally rescued by Kaelan and the boys who went to get us some food. Good bless their hearts.

A word of advice, wine is much better than beer for a painting beverage of choice. Well better than Bud Lights anyways.


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