Just One Of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days? You know, when you are sitting down crying and wondering what for? Just blaming it on everything and anything just to try not make yourself look foolish anymore… One of those days when you just think, why bother, all I am going to do is die anyway…

End of year blues I guess… Maybe its just hormones… Or gas… Who knows… All I know is as I leave 2006 behind, I also leave behind some of my dear friends… As we do every year, so one always bring in the year, but they aren’t there to see it go… For all of my 2006 fallen Souljas R.I.P. esp Foultin Walker and Delmay Dickenson both 20 years old… Now mere memories that will forever live on in the hearts of those that knew and loved you…

And as always… Rest In Peace Merril McClean Dorsett Jr. It is hard to come to the end of yet another year with out you…

RIP Saddam Hussein… Tyrannical though you were, the world won’t be the same, for better or worse, without you…


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Trying to make sense of this thing called life...

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