Hurricane Irma Chronicles: What About the Beach?

I am a beach bum. Most weekends you can find me lounging in a two piece on a beach or on a boat headed to a beach on a nearby cay. After Irma passed, I was really concerned about the impact on two of my favorite beaches, Long Bay Beach and of course Grace Bay Beach.

For those of you who know me, I have plans on scattering my ashes between these two beaches when I die. I love them, I know them. They bring me extraordinary joy and clarity. The beach is truly my happy place.

So last Saturday we (Tatiana, McKnia and I) took a ride out to see these beaches. From the time that we pulled up to the parking at Long Bay Beach (aka Shore Club Beach) we could smell distinctly the flesh of rotting fish. Immediately my heart sank, I know it would not look good. I was not prepared for what Irma had done to my beloved beach!


The water was definitely murky. You couldn’t even see the bottom. The normally calm ocean was still enraged and choppy and the beach itself was a mess. A ton of seaweed was dumped on the beach and dozens of fish were just rotting on the beach. We came across many of what Tatiana calls “Cow fish”. It seems as if a school or two of those got caught up in the storm and were washed ashore. There were also larger fish like barracudas, bone fish and even several eels and puffer fish.


There was already a tractor out there clearing the beach of the seaweed, however there was some rock showing beneath the seaweed so I know there has been some serious erosion. It really did break my heart to see my Long Bay beach in this state, but I know that in time the beach will come back.

On a much happier note, Grace Bay Beach was particularly glorious. The beach itself was clean and pristine as if it had gotten a good wash. There was virtually no debris on the beach, no dead fish or seaweed and the water was calm. The ocean itself was murky, you could not see the bottom, but the color and the optics were amazing. The reef that protect Grace Bay Beach really pulled double duty, because it remained virtually unscathed.

For all of you who are wondering how our beloved Grace Bay Beach fared, don’t worry. She is as beautiful as ever. 



Hurricane Irma Chronicles: As You Were

In the eye of tragedy, one of the things that is recommended is a return to normalcy as soon as possible. The aftermath of a catastrophic storm it is no different, residents attempt to follow their previous routine as soon as they are able.

Some churches were open for worship and thanksgiving on Sunday morning. St. Monica’s Anglican Church suffered damage to its structure and mild flooding. However, the rector Father Tellison Glover held service, even though he himself, lost his home during the storm. Worshippers turned up in some cases with flip flops and athletic clothing, grateful that despite the forecast of devastation, the Beautiful by Nature Turks and Caicos Islands were largely spared the worst.

A parishioner gives thanks to God for sparing her life after Category 5 Hurricane Irma
St. Monica’s Church following Hurricane Irma
Father Tellison Glover delivers a sermon at St. Monica’s Anglican Church

Stores begin to open, in this case Graceway IGA lead the charge, as they opened up just two days after the store giving free coffee and a place to charge electronics to patrons. Even with limited hours of operation the return to the routine is always welcome.

Starting Monday, people started returning to work. Clean up crews were on the street clearing debris. Fortis TCI cleared downed power lines and felled poles. They have even been restoring power to some communities. Provo Water Company has also began restoring water to residents full time and not only for 3 hours a day.

Fortis TCI clearing downed power lines and poles and restoring power

For all of my people who have lost your homes and are awaiting word on the status of your jobs, my thoughts and prayers are with you always. As a hurricane veteran, the rebuilding process is difficult, but it is not impossible. Soon things will be back to normal and we will be able to move on from this horrible time.

Hurricane Irma- Turks and Caicos Islands Chronicles

I took my first shower in 2 days a while ago. The water was cold and the pressure was low and it was the most glorious shower I’ve ever had in my entire life. I must admit that I was close to tears when I saw the water flow from the faucet.

See this is the hard part. It’s not the strong winds and storm surge and media sensationalism that’s hard. It’s the aftermath, not being able to call or see your mother in two days because phone lines are down, roads are flooded and poles make the way impassable.

The First Sunrise after Irma

It’s living in darkness for sometimes weeks on end because your power is out. It is learning to effectively take a bath in a gallon of water because water for showers are on ration. It’s eating cold food and drinking hot beverages cause again, electricity.

There are still parts of Providenciales that are unable to be reached via phone. There are still islands like South Caicos and Grand Turk where there have been mostly wild rumors and hyperbole about the damage to the islands where communication has gone dark.

I’ve been through this part many times before and one thing always constant. The will of the people to rebuild, to restore. Some of my friends are now homeless, others have lost their jobs because of the extensive damage to their workplace, the most unfortunate have lost both home and job.

We are down, but not out.

Pray for Turks and Caicos and pray for the other islands of the Caribbean who have been visited by this terrible storm.

Happy Birthday, Domi

Today is my big sister’s birthday! Today she is an old lady 👵🏾. Today I wish her the happiest birthday ever. 

To you my darling big sister, I wish you nothing but joy and peace and the best life ever. I want you to know that I love you and I appreciate you more than you can ever know. Thank you for being the kind, generous, loving and truly awesome person that you are. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. I pray for you to have long life, success in everything that you do and I hope all of your wishes come true. 

You’re old as dirt now, so don’t turn up too loud! 

Rock On! 🤘🏾

This Saturday I went to my first rock concert. It. Was. EPIC! I am not a fan of rock, not really. I would listen to whatever is on the radio but I’ve never been a rock fan. However, after that concert I can truly appreciate the musicality and theatrics of it all. 

There were three rock bands performing Tesla, Poison and Def Leppard. I’d never heard of Tesla before, but they were pretty great. The vocals of the lead singer were on point. He had an awesome, raspy voice and he wore weird leather, snake skin-esque pants. 

The McGillicudy
To be honest, I’ve never REALLY heard of Poison either, prolly in an episode of VH1’s I love the 80’s. But I do know Brett Michaels, from Vh1’s Rock of Love. Poison was Kevin’s favorite band in the lineup. It was totally hilarious to see him in his button down and loafers totally rockin’ out to their music. Their guitar and drum solos were phenomenal. Like, even knowing none of the songs I still really enjoyed their performances. I even got their tour T-shirt. My very first one ever. 

Poison, Live and direct

Def Leppard was the headlining band. Cool fact, their drummer lost his arm in a car accident and now he has a special, customized drum set that he plays with his remaining arm and foot pedals. Another fun fact, One of their guitarists, Phil Collen, was so hot. He had such a great body, especially when I saw that he was 59(totally googled that in the middle of the concert). I’m literally thinking of mailing him a pair of my panties. I think I was supposed to throw it on stage, I heard that was the wave in rock back in the day. But my mean sister Domi wouldn’t let me. She is such a killjoy. Anyways, if anyone sees my love Mr. Collen, tell him I said hey. 😍 

My new love, Phil Collen

See Ya Later Provost

Today I began my trek to home. Currently in Edmonton to do some shopping before I officially leave at 1am Saturday morning. It’s been a real pleasure. My nephew Devraj got teary eyed today when he found out I was leaving today and not tomorrow. 

He’s trying to get me to come back next week leave it up to him.  He said “Maybe your flight will get cancelled for a year and then you will have to come back.” That really did warm my heart. Kaelan made suggestions for me to come back for his birthday in December lol. I love them so much. They are truly the babies I’ll never have. 

 I will miss them dearly. Kimmie, maybe not so much 😑. So until next time Provost, it’s been a blast. 

The End

So today marks the end of May, and the end of my goal to blog everyday within May. I can tell you all sometimes I really had no motivation to write nor any inspiration to write about. Yet even on my dark days, and my most uninspired posts I still put forth the effort. For that I am proud. I will not say I will blog that much moving forward. However, I will bask in the fact that I actually set out to do this and I stuck it out. Thank you to all of you who read, liked or commented on my blog in the past month. It was really appreciated and I mean that from the bottom of my battered heart. 
Ajay signing out! 
I MAY be back tomorrow. I MAY not. (Get it? 😂😂😂 *slaps knee*)